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HoYoverse “New Game” Rumor Leaves Fans Confused

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HoYoverse fans were briefly excited about a “new game” only to be met with disappointment when, alas, the rumors were false. Images were shared that pointed towards a brand-new HoYoverse title, reportedly named “Teriri Hazard”.

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It’s Not What You Think

It’s not clear as to who exactly started this rumor, but it was quickly resolved when fans realised that this “new game” was actually just footage from a training project called “Mini Game Project”. It’s essentially a training program for upcoming game developers and those who are striving towards a career in game production. 

The training project made by HoYoverse allows students to create their very first game during a six-week development course – and a two-week learning course prior to that. In short, the misinformation being spread online about a “new HoYoverse game” was from the said course.

The Continuous Success

HoYoverse is already extremely busy with the recent launch of Honkai Star Rail, as well as maintaining the success of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. Additionally, Zenless Zone Zero is its next highly anticipated entry. 

While the company is large enough to plan multiple upcoming games at once, it’s important to remember that online rumors and leaks must always be taken with a grain of salt. Especially since HoYoverse has been heavily cracking down on accounts that reveal upcoming information regarding events, new characters, and more. 

Furthermore, the “Mini Game Project” course is a fantastic way to introduce aspirational students to the world of game development. HoYoverse is arguably one of the biggest gaming companies in the world at this current time, allowing them to educate those who wish to start a career within the video game industry.
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