Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy gets a couple more games added to it today

Last week Humble Bundle released a new mobile bundle themed around the title Eye Candy. What this means is that all the games have a rather unique art style to them, instead of the usual definition of eye candy which usually refers to high-end 3D visuals. Originally this bundle started with six games, but today there are two more games added to it.

This particular bundle follows the standard Humble Bundle two-tier format. So you can pay whatever you want over a dollar and get three of the games in this bundle. If you pay over the average amount at the time of your purchase, you will now get an additional five games.

Pay anything above $1 and get:

– Deep Under The Sky
– Botanicula (Article Here)
– Haunt the House: Terrortown

Pay more than the average amount and also receive:

– Jelly Defense (Review Here)
– Dark Echo
– Fearless Fantasy (Article Here)
– Odd Bot Out *Newly Added*
– Doggins *Newly Added*

If you already purchased this bundle and paid above the average amount when you did pay for it, you will already have access to the two newly added games. There is just under 7 days left to pick this bundle up before it ends.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy

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