Iron Fist Boxing now available. Even though it says boxing, it is a 3D MMA game.

Realtech VR has alreadt dropped some high quality games onto the Android Market in the short time that they have been around. Titles include No Gravity and Beware of the Bad Seed which are high definition games for playing on newer PowerVR and Tegra 2 Android devices. Iron Fist Boxing is their newest addition.

Iron Fist Boxing is a 3D MMA fighting game for Android that has made the jump from iOS and comes with all the updates the iOS version has gotten. It also has some other fun features such as a punch-o-meter which can test out your punching stregnth by holding your phone and swinging at the air as hard as you can. There are a total of 32 playable characters and a multitude of game modes to play through as well.


  • Experience high quality audio and real time 3D on Android 2.2 or better.
  • Enjoy 6 game modes: Story mode, sparring, training and introducing the Speed Bag training, Punching Bag training and Punch-o-Meter.
  • Story mode: Experience a new world career in Brazil, Canada, Thailand, and USA.
  • Training mode: Train yourself for the Story mode.
  • Speed bag mode: Hit a speed bag as fast as you can.
  • Punching bag: Hit a punching bag in a given same sequence.
  • Punch-o-Meter: Hold you Android and hit as hard as you can.
  • Sparring mode: Fight against a random fighter.
  • Play up to 32 characters with MMA combat styles and more: Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Kick Boxing, Brawler and Full Contact.
  • Gain access to the Worldwide online score board with TOP 100 and rankings with date.
  • Gain access to new costumes and new attacks.
  • New camera views, characters can now move on the ring, many supermoves and dodges added.



Currently, since the graphics are high definition, to enjoy all the blood splatters and little fun things like that, you will need a newer Android phones running PowerVR or Tegra 2. Older Android devices won’t be able to play this well, if at all. So if you are looking for a fighting game and want something different than the Virtual Fighter-style Further Beyond Fighting game that just came out, you might want to give this one a shot.

you can pick up Iron Fist Boxing for $4.19 off the Android Market.

Developer Website: PowerVR

Market Link: Iron Fist Boxing

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