Laser Dog will finally be releasing their crazy little platformer Hopiko next month

Laser Dog, known for previous games Puk and Alone, have been working on a great retro-style platformer called Hopiko for awhile now. In fact we reported on this game coming to Android back in April of this year. So it has been a few months since we’ve heard anything about when this game will be released. Now we have a release date finally thanks to a post on Vine from the developers.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Hopiko has players saving video games… literally. See, there are tiny little people who live inside consoles, happily working away to provide folks with all the video game entertainment they want. Unfortunately, there are also viruses and these need to be dealt with, usually by bashing them on the head.

Hopiko is a reaction platformer in a lot of ways. It’s fast-paced and pretty frantic. Your tiny character hops from platforms and teleports between pipes/canons floating in mid-air while stuff is blowing up behind you. Levels in this game are packed together in groups. So if you don’t finish one of the packs, and fail halfway through, you will be sent back to the beginning. So there will be the possibility of a lot of level grinding.

The soundtrack is going to keep the retro style that the game overall has as well. In fact, the chiptune soundtrack (and quite possibly all the sound effects) was apparently recorded on a Game Boy for complete authenticity. Unfortunately, Hopiko won’t be out until next month on September 24th, so there is still a bit of wait ahead of us. Then again, we have waited all this time already, what’s another month or so right?

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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