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Laser Dog will finally be releasing their crazy little platformer Hopiko next month

Laser Dog, known for previous games Puk and Alone, have been working on a great retro-style platformer called Hopiko for awhile now. In fact we reported on this game coming to Android back in April of this year. So it has been a few months since we’ve heard anything about when this game will be released. Now we have a release date finally thanks to a post on Vine from the developers.


Fast-paced minimalistic puzzler PUK invading Android this March

Orange and white, those are the two colors you will soon be seeing a lot of this upcoming March when Laser Dog releases their fast-paced minimalistic puzzle game PUK onto Google Play. We always have a ‘thing’ for unique looking games, whether they be indie or otherwise, and PUK fits right into this category but don’t let the minimalistic art style fool you, this can be a hectic puzzle game to try and master.