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Laya’s Horizon Takes the Alto’s Adventure Formula to a Fully 3D Environment

Laya's Horizon official artwork

Snowman is gearing up to release the latest entry in what we dub the Alto-verse with Laya’s Horizon. While we don’t know much about it so far, the teaser trailer shows us a familiar setting with some potentially brand new gameplay.

With some familiarly whimsical music, minimalist cartoon visuals, and that familiar birdsong, Laya’s Horizon feels just like an Alto’s game.

Where it differs, though, is in the hint at a fully 3D adventure. This marks a first for the series, which has traditionally played in 2D.

What’s Alto?

For those who haven’t played an Alto game before, you snowboard or sandsurf your way through a variety of fantastical environments on a 2D plane. Along the way, you collect a variety of power-ups and coins, which you can spend on upgrades.

You also complete challenges to unlock new characters, which have statistical strengths and weaknesses, altering how you play. It’s basically an endless runner, with a lot more depth than you’d expect from the genre.

How Different Is Laya’s Horizon?

While we haven’t seen any gameplay of Laya’s Horizon, the teaser trailer shows familiar environments but on a fully 3D plane. When the camera pans back behind the new protagonist, Laya, we get a view of how the gameplay might function.

It seems to be the same mix of grinding, flying, and, presumably, using some kind of board to get around. But, it looks like the camera will be from a third-person perspective.

That’s all speculation, though. We’ll have to wait for a full trailer to learn more.

When is Laya’s Horizon Out?

Laya’s Horizon will launch later this year via Netflix Games. That means you will need a Netflix subscription to play it – unless it launches simultaneously on Google Play and Netflix like Tomb Raider Reloaded.

We don’t know exactly, or even roughly, when it will launch though. Snowman and Netflix have only announced that it’s “coming soon”. You can bet that we’ll update you as soon as we learn more.

In the meantime, go ahead and check out the YouTube trailer right now.

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