Project Moon Compensates Fans Once Again For An Error In Latest Limbus Company Update

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Project Moon, the studio currently helming the indie gacha game Limbus Company, has compensated fans once again. The developer’s recent update caused an error that affected the game mode, Refraction Railway.

Since locating the problem, the studio has fixed it, and has turned to giving out three Decaextraction Tickets as a way to apologise for the inconvenience. Three of these tickets translate to 30 free pulls, making the reward quite generous. You can claim it now through the in-game mail system – be quick though, as it expires on May 18!

The Problem Within

Project Moon took to Twitter to provide a transparent statement for the fans, as it has many times before. Here, the studio went into the reasons behind the error, as well as details surrounding the compensations.

The Tweet reported that “the problem was caused by the change of the compensation table under certain conditions”. The Tweet further discussed how the problem was linked to code that the studio added in the recent May 4 update.

Reportedly, the bug allowed Refraction Railway Rewards to be multiplied when players claimed them. As Refraction Railway is end-game content, the rewards are quite generous. With the rewards being multiplied, a few players will have gained an unfair advantage. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to see why Project Moon has moved to compensate the fanbase.

Limbus Company

Limbus Company is Project Moon’s sequel to The Lobotomy Corporation, and focuses on a group of twelve Sinners as they attempt to infiltrate the Lobotomy Corporation in a dystopian, gritty world. The game is constantly being updated by the developer, and fresh content is always on the horizon.

Check out Limbus Company on Google Play now.

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