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Marvel Future Revolution Set To End Service On Its Second Anniversary

Feature image for our news piece on Marvel Future revolution. It shows a screen from the game with two female heroes battling some robots in a city setting.

Another one bites the dust. The latest casualty in the dog-eat-dog world of free-to-play RPGs is Marvel Future Revolution, an action-packed title whose impressive scale apparently wasn’t enough to secure its future.

The game meets its end only two years after its launch. Exactly, in fact. The end of the line is set for August 25th, the two-year anniversary of the action RPG’s first time live.

The news broke via the Netmarble forums site. While the game is still live and accessible via Google Play, in-game purchases are disabled, and shutdown will come into effect on its ill-fated second birthday.

Bad Omens In October

In October, the Future Revolution development team announced plans to scale back the content of updates. This was, perhaps, an ominous sign of the game’s eventual fate.

Marvel Future Revolution is a pretty ambitious game. It’s a full-3D, Unreal Engine-based, where you take control of one of various different Marvel characters. There’s a large open world to explore, and each character brings different powers to the table, with the means to upgrade a hero’s abilities.

There are flight mechanics and a world where NPC characters interact with enemies and defend themselves. Later updates even introduced squad-based PVP that let you test your mettle against other players.

The project was big, visually very impressive, and yet failed to gain enough traction to last in the long run.

Future Fight Forges On

One of the easiest, and probably most appropriate comparisons is its predecessor, Marvel Future Fight.

Marvel Future Fight is a far older game, released all the way back in 2015, so practically a living fossil in terms of free-to-play mobile games. In spite of this, while Future Revolution is lowering itself into its grave, Future Fight is midway through a special event.

What it might lack in visual fidelity, the older game perhaps makes up in breadth of content. Where Future Revolution ends with a roster of ten characters, Future Fight currently sits at over two hundred.

The situation just goes to show that big games can make big hits, they’re can also be really hard to pull out of a decline.

If you want to check out Marvel Future Revolution before time runs out, take a look on Google Play.

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