Minecraft developers new game, Scrolls, looking at mobile versions as well as PC, that includes Android.

Mojang, developers of the extremely popular PC game Minecraft which is also now heading to Android, have talked about their new upcoming game called Scrolls. While Scrolls is a completely different type of game from Minecraft, developers have already stated that the game will be for PC and a version for mobile as well.

When talking about Scroll coming to mobile, they are talking specifically for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Scrolls is based around strategy in a boardgame-style setting similar to chess. It also is based around the TCG format which means your game pieces are cards, or in this case scrolls, that you can collect through single-player mode. However, you will be able to play against other players in multiplayer mode in one vs one matches in the initial release. Team combat may come in the future.


During single-player mode, you’ll be able to collect more scrolls as you progress through the game. It is still being decided on if during multiplayer combat whether or not you’ll get a scroll from your opponent if you win. Of course if you don’t want to go that route, Mojang is planning on offering something similar to Booster packs that can be purchased in-game to help expand your collection, similar to what Shadow Era is doing. Scrolls will contain all kinds of units from troops to siege weapons with the goal being to kill your opponents ‘king’.

The crew working on Scrolls is leaning towards using Unity3D to develop the game due to how easily you can bring cross-platform compatibility to something developed inside Unity3D. This will definitely be something completely different than Minecraft in most aspects including graphics. Mojang does plan to use the same updating format as Minecraft, releasing small updates and iterations of the game as time progresses once the closed alpha starts. The mobile version may also contain some sort of gesture-based controls as well.

No word on when exactly this will be made available for Android just yet. You can check out a great interview with Majong’s Jakob Porser over at Gamasutra regarding Scrolls.

Developer Website: Scrolls

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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