More information about the upcoming Sonic CD game, you’ll be able to play as Tails

For those of you who are actually eager to get your hands on the port of this classic Sega game, some new information has come to light about it. Sonic CD, while already available to anyone who buys an Android tablet at GameStop, is set to release onto Android this December.

Sonic CD is the Mega CD version of the Sonic the Hedgehog game which is being ported over to Android. Well I guess it already is ported over to Android since it’s available to anyone who buys a GameStop tablet right now. However, something new that wasn’t available in the original version is that once you complete the game as Sonic, you will be able to play the entire game again as Tails instead. It’s nothing too riveting but if you are a retro gaming fan, it’s a nice little perk to have once you complete the game.

On a side note, Sonic CD will also support the use of Bluetooth controllers as well so if you’re not up for using touch screen controls, you can always use a bluetooth controller instead. Sonic CD is set to land on as many supported Android devices this December.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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