Motorola Bluetooth keyboard for Android devices on the way?

Android gamers, and general users as well, might be happy to know about this little gadget coming from Motorola. A Bluetooth keyboard just received certification from the Bluetooth SIG. The possibilities for this become very clear in regards to gaming if you give it a minute to roll around in your mind. Go ahead, think about it for a second.

Remember WoW on Android and one concern from gamers being that it would be damn hard to play due to all the buttons involved? Well this could very well be the solution to that problem! Not only that, you’d be able to play, using the same method, any other game you would want whether an MMORPG or FPS, doesn’t matter. Granted the issue of latency/bandwidth for cloud gaming is still there but at least we are getting closer to true cloud gaming on our Android devices.

“This is a full size portable Bluetooth keyboard design to enhance your Motorola Smart phone. This keyboard is design for Smart phone user whom using type function frequently. This device is a Bluetooth Keyboard with a built-in 2.4GHz Bluetooth V2.0 transceiver, Test Specification for HID Profile and Test Specification for IOPT Profile,” reads the design description.

Stack this with the upcoming Tegra 2 dual-core Motorola Tablet and you have a nice little portable gaming setup. Of course you would have to carry the keyboard around with you, so unless you are someone who is going to use this often, it might not be for you. As a gamer though, this is going to be a great little accessory to have!

Website Referenced: Bluetooth SIG via PocketNow

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