Neural Cloud EOS Revealed, But It’s Not What You Think

feature image for our neural cloud eos news, the image features promo art from a tweet announcing the new character, the image features a drawing of the new character wearing a cloak as she holds her hand up to her chin, the image also features the game's logo, with a faded background of city buildings

Neural Cloud EOS is just around the corner. However, it’s not the type of EOS that you’re probably thinking of. In fact, it’s a brand-new character called EOS. We’re not sure whether the developers opted for this name on purpose to troll the players, but admittedly, we fell for it. 

Neural Cloud is a fairly new gacha game, especially for global players. The game originally came out in September 2021 for China, and then it was globally released just over a year later in November 2022.

For more information about the game, check out the official website!

A Poor Choice of Words… But Brilliant Marketing

It’s a clever choice if that’s the case, but it’s been causing quite a bit of confusion in the gacha community. We all know EoS means “end of service”, and it’s a phrase that is used far too often in the genre. 

Not much is known about EOS just yet, except for the fact that they will be introduced to the CN server first. Although, the official EN Neural Cloud Twitter page posted a tweet back in February detailing some background information behind the character. 

The Fear of an End of Service Announcement

In terms of the great End of Service panic, it’s not an uncommon occurrence for gacha fans. The term is widely prevalent when it comes to this type of game, and with popular titles such as Princess Connect and Revived Witch closing down in recent times, it’s not surprising that players are on edge.

Sadly, it’s expected when it comes to the lesser-known gacha entries, especially when their revenue is down with hardly any active players. 

What Do We Think?

Now, do we think Neural Cloud will reach EoS any time soon? We highly doubt it. It’s a fairly new title, and it’s got an avid fanbase. Nevertheless, the gacha genre is extremely cutthroat and competitive. But, it’s also oversaturated, which means developers really need to think outside of the box when it comes to updates and new released. 

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