New Beta Version of Runes MMORPG Available

We have been following an MMORPG for Android that has been in development for quite some time now. While it seems as though it will always be in beta a new version was just released and includes a huge amount of improvements and changes including the overall look. Even better still is that there are still available spots open for beta testers should you want to sign-up!

This is technically the first MMORPG for the Android OS and development started shortly after Android came onto the mobile scene. Since then it has expanded greatly and the overall look has been revised twice now. The combat system is unique in that you use a setup similar to the stock Android lock pattern screen to combat other people and enemies.

Not only is PvP (Player versus Player battles) a feature in this game but you can also team up with other players, explore dungeons, complete quests and a slew of other features that you would normally find in a PC/Console MMORPG. Here is the full list of changes for this most recent update which went live during Gamescon.

V0.5 Changes:

  • New interface
  • Total graphic rewriting
  • New map
  • New character menu
  • All spells have their own custom icons now
  • All factions have their visual identity
  • Sound FX updated
  • New launcher
  • Nouvelles pictures for cities and items
  • New game logo
  • Integrated services and ticket system testing
  • Lighter application
  • New dungeons and new arenas
  • Bug report mailing system debug
  • Web mini widget with server state on/off
  • Different XP according to dungeon, quest or arena
  • New music


Runes is already a massive game thanks to it being an MMORPG meaning everything is server based so the world can be as big as they make it without hording all the space on your phone. Runes is a joint effort by the developers Faeria Studios and publisher Tiki Move and as mentioned above there are still spots available for anyone who wanted to beta test this game. It is limited to 10,000 spots though so you might want to get in before it is full.

Tiki Move has also released some good news about Runes and the fact it is still in beta:

“We had a lot of pleasure working on RŪNES. This project is at a major turning point. We’re close to the last functions to be integrated and to the final beta” – Sebastian Carceles, CEO of Tiki Move

So it seems the game that has been in eternal beta form may be heading out of it and into full public release in the near future! As usual we will keep you all up-to-date as this game’s development progresses. You can sign-up for the beta via the link below. Anyone planning on playing this game when it gets out of beta and goes public?

Also don’t forget to check out the new trailer (shown below) for Runes!

Developer Website: Runes MMORPG

Beta Sign-ups: Beta Registration Form

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