Noodlecake Studios announces their “Game-a-week” project, releases Lunar Racer

Our friends over at Noodlecake Studios got in touch with us to let us know that their ‘Game-a-Week’ project begins today. To celebrate the launching of this rather ambitious project, Noodlecake Studios have released their first title onto Google Play called Lunar Racer.

Noodlecake Studios has an ambitious project that starts today called the Game-A-Week Project, or GAWP for short. The project is fairly simple in explanation: Noodlecake Studios will bring one iOS game a week from great development studios all over the world to the Google Play store. This project is set to last for the next few months so there will be plenty to talk about regarding Noodlecake Studios in the near future.

As for Lunar Racer, this is a mix of shooter and racing genres. While the core of the game is racing, you will be treated to plenty of power-up along the way including a variety of weapons to use on your opponents. These include things like land mine, homing missiles, shields, gravity thrusters and more. All of these are for you to use in your attempts to win each race. There is also a fair amount of vehicle customization available aside from the selection of weapons.

Lunar Racer is available off of the Google Play store for free. No word yet on what the next iOS game that they will be bringing to Android happens to be.

Developer Website: Noodlecake Studios

Google Play Link: Lunar Racer

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