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Bitcoin Billionaire will be getting a pretty big content update tomorrow

Noodlecake Studios will be pushing out an update tomorrow for their popular clicker style game called Bitcoin Billionaire. This will actually be quite the big content update, bringing what is being called ‘Dungeons & Bitcons’ to the game. What is it? Well it’s a whole new era to tap your way through, which means that there will be everything added to the game that comes with a whole new era.


[Updated] Bitcoin Billionaire will be arriving onto Android this week from Noodlecake Studios

Noodlecake Studios is gearing up for another release onto Android this week and this new game is called Bitcoin Billionaire. Ever wanted to get into Bitcoin mining but just didn’t want to deal with the hardware requirements to actually do it? Well the good news is that this won’t help with that either but it will give you the satisfaction of mining fake Bitcoins.


Noodlecake and Apportable announce partnership, The Blockheads will be arriving this month

Noodlecake Studios has had a pretty busy year being out and porting iOS games over to Android among other things. For those of you not familiar with this company, Noodlecake Studios developed software that allows them to port over and publish iOS games onto Google Play. So far they have done a pretty impressive job with this service they are offering indie developers.