nVidia getting into manufacturing white-label smartphones and tablets?

It looks like nVidia could have much bigger plans then they let on during CES 2013. During that show the company revealed quite a few new products such as nVidia’s GRID cloud game streaming service, their GeForce Experience (mostly for PC gaming), Project Shield and their new Tegra 4 chipset. Well that might not be the end of it there either, at least according to the Russian tech site Mobile Review.

According to Mobile Review, nVidia is taking things a step further and is looking at getting into the manufacturing of smartphones and tablets. They will then offer these devices as ‘white-label’ products which means another company will buy these devices from nVidia, then turn around and put their own brand on them.

Apparently nVidia wants to start designing and manufacturing these smartphones and tablets by the middle of this year, around May or June. This could very well mean that by the Fall or Winter of this year we could start seeing not only nVidia branded smartphones and tablets but a variety of other companies putting their brand on these devices and offering them for sale.

Of course this all depends on whether or not nVidia actually goes through will all of this. There could be a lot of low priced but high quality devices in the near future for everyone to try and choose from. So, is this good or bad? Would you want an nVidia or whomever branded device or does it not matter as long as it doesn’t suck? Let us know in the comments below.

Websites Referenced: Mobile Review via Droid-Life

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