OrangePixel working on a Gauntlet-style prototype game for Android

Some of you may remember a rather popular 4-player arcade game called Gauntlet which eventually made it to a few consoles as well. OrangePixel has been showing off some footage of a prototype game they are working on that is in the style of Gauntlet but with their own added flare to it. Currently the game is unnamed and is simply being called Untitled Dungeon Crawler.

The game sports the same cool visuals you have come to be familiar with in previous OrangePixel game releases but this time it will be in a rogue-like dungeon crawler that pay homage to Gauntlet, an arcade game I personally dumped way too much money into when it was out.

OrangePixel notes that the game may not end up being made, it depends on a lot of things. However, if it does get developed and release, it will come with infinite random dungeons, rogue-like the Orangepixel way (action orientated), different player classes, and multiplayer – at least 2, but they might go for 4 players for certain hardware.

If this does get released it will be available for a variety of platforms including Android and OUYA. You can check out some early gameplay footage in the video above.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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