Ouya Game Watch: Antichromatic, Inferno+, Ballistic SE and more

Another week and more Ouya game releases have arrived for those of you who happen to own one of the Android-powered consoles. In today’s Ouya Game Watch we have two new games from Radiangames that just arrived for Ouya, a cool time traveling puzzle game and a skill-based platformer.

Inferno+ and Ballistic SE by Radiangames

Radiangames plans to ring a majority of their titles to Ouya, at least all the ones that would play well on a console. So far the studio has released two titles as of today called Inferno+ and Ballisict SE, both of which are available on Android over on Google Play and are now available for download on Ouya’s Marketplace.


Inferno+ is a dual-stick Action-RPG title that plays out mostly like a dual-stick arcade shooter type of game but does incorporate a leveling system for your little character, giving the game some RPG elements as well. The Ouya version of this game comes with everything the Android version does, so you’ll have 40 levels to blast through, all the game modes and difficulty settings, all the upgrades and even the boss fights.

In the trial version of Inferno+ you can play through the first 5 levels of the game and the first level of the Scorched mode. To get the full game, it’ll cost you $2.99 through an in-game purchase.

Ballistic SE

Ballistic SE is Radiangames’ second title also just released onto Ouya’s Marketplace for public consumption. This is a true dual-stick arcade shooter that features both endless waves of enemies to shoot as well as a more short time-period style of gameplay should you only have five or so minutes to kill.

The trial version will let you play through 15 waves of the game as well as one of the five challenges in the game. The full version will unlock everything and will cost you $2.99 through an in-game purchase as well.

Rose and Time by Sophie Houlden

Rose and Time is a 3D puzzle/stealth type of game which also features time traveling. You’ll have to get your character through each stage which is a challenge enough as it is. Add in the time travel element where you’ll have to time travel out of paradoxes and this will be pretty tough to beat. This game isn’t incredibly long, featuring only 20 levels, but each one is pretty hard so you won’t just breeze through this one.

The trial version will give you access to 10 levels and you can unlock the additional 10 levels for a IAP of $2.99.

Antichromatic by Arkeus

This cool little game is a skill-based platformer that is all done in black, white and grey tones. This isn’t just because of the game’s name but also because you’ll have to swap out colors, flipping between black and white dimensions in order to avoid obstacles. You’ll also have enemies to defeat and you’ll need to call on your jumping skills as well to progress through the game with any sort of success.

This game is available on Ouya’s Marketplace and is completely free of charge.

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