OUYA shows off their developer kit by unboxing a unit on video

Yesterday news came out that the OUYA developer kits were being shipped out that day and that developers could be getting their units as soon as today depending on where they live. Now OUYA wants to show everyone, or at least all the game developers out there, what exactly the development kit will come with by unboxing one on video for us all to see.

This also gives us a bit of an early look at what we can expect come March 2013 when the OUYA Android gaming console is slated to launch. The development kit comes with a letter reminding developers that since this is an early version that there could be some bugs. Ironically it also comes with a notice to gamers who forked out the cash for a developer unit that it contains no games, sorry about that chunk of cash you spent.

So what all comes in the development kit? Two controllers made out of see through plastic which, of course, will be changed for the official launch. The controllers have removable covers for customization options that users can take advantage of as well. There is also the console itself which is also sporting the transparent plastic look which will also change by the time it launches in March 2013. A micro USB port is there for developers to connect the unit right to their PC and stuffed inside the little unit is a high-performance fan to keep things cool.

For the modders and hackers out there, you’ll be able to access the guts of the OUYA console by unscrewing a back panel, giving you access to all the goodies within. Check out the video above to see the unboxing of the developer kit for OUYA. The official product is slated to launch in March 2013 for $99 and yes, all games are still going to be free-to-play.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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