Pocket PlayStation feature on the Xperia Play reverse-engineered to play ISOs

Awesome news for all you Xperia Play owners out there. The nice Pocket PlayStation feature has been reverse-engineered to be able to play ISOs now as well. This, of course, comes from a developer over at XDA and you can thank them shortly.

Thanks to being reverse-engineered, the Pocket PlayStation feature will now be able to run custom ISOs of your favorite games. The developer, Yifan Lu, after working on this little project for a week got Crash Bandicoot 3 to run on his Xperia Play as an ISO. He says that the only think not working with Crash Bandicoot 3 is the game manual but other than that the game runs fine.

I’ve decided it would be a challenge to try to figure out how the PSOne emulator works and eventually be able to inject any ISO and play it with Sony superior PS1 emulator. – Yifan Lu


The developer goes on to mention that getting multi-disk ISOs to work will be a little more tricky but by the sound of it he seems to think it is completely possible. This is great for anyone who owns an Xperia Play as, eventually, if the multi-disk ISO playback works in the future, you will be able to play a huge amount of games. For even more information and lots of technical details head over to yianflu’s website linked below. Check out the video below to see it in action. Once all the user interface designing is done it will be available for download which shouldn’t be more than a few days wait according to the developer.

Developer Website: Yifan Lu

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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