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PUBG Mobile’s Prosperous Spring Event Has Kicked Off, With Exclusive Rewards on Offer

PUBG Mobile is getting a brand new event on January 24 to celebrate the New Year. The event is Prosperous Spring, and there are a bunch of exclusive rewards on offer.

Though the entire event goes under the single Prosperous Spring banner, it’s actually made up of a series of mini-events.

There are daily events, which let you set off fireworks on Spawn Island and grab a free gift each day between January 17 and February 2. Log in for a total of seven days and you’ll get the Golden AKM.

PUBG Mobile’s Lunar Event Goes by the Name Prosperous Spring

The overarching event though, is to create paper lanterns by collecting up to 10 different materials by playing classic matches every day. That’s running right now until the event ends.

In terms of time-limited stuff though, there’s a Red Packet event starting on January 24. This challenges you to head to the main menu at a specific moment each day to get up to 5 Red Packets.

Red Packets drop in 30 minute intervals and you can get up to five each time. They drop BP, Silver, and Classic Coupon Scraps.

Rounding up the event is a huge Year of the Rat-themed pack, which the team is giving away on Lunar New Year, Saturday 25 January. Make sure to login on that date at least to get it.

You can grab PUBG Mobile right now on Google Play, and we thoroughly recommend doing so as this event is particularly rewarding.

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