Quark Games unleashes their multiplayer cross-platform PvP game Champs: Battlegrounds

Back in May we talked about an upcoming 3D multiplayer cross-platform strategy combat game called Champs: Battlegrounds and that it would be heading to Android, iOS and PC in the near future. While the PC version has been available for a short period of time, the Android and iOS versions are now available as well on their respective app stores.

For those of you not familiar with Champs: Battlegrounds, this is a head-to-head combat game where players will take control of a squad of heroes, with the heroes being called Champs.  Each champ has their own unique race and abilities to take command of and at that point you’ll be matched up with another player and you will then battle it out until there is a winner.

Champs Battlegrounds Features:

• REAL-TIME COMBAT – No more turns, no more waiting.
• TACTICAL BATTLEGROUNDS – Manage your energy and choose the right strategy to be victorious.
• SQUAD STRATEGY – Build your squad from a vast array of Champs to suit any strategy.
• CAMPAIGN MODE – Hone your skills in progressively more difficult scenarios.
• CHALLENGE ANYONE – Highly optimized matchmaking ensures balanced player-vs-player gameplay.
• UPGRADE YOUR CHAMPS – Upgrade your Champs to add new and powerful additions to your army.
• EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER – Intuitive gameplay for newcomers and incredible strategic depth for veterans.
• FREE-TO-BATTLE – Play the game absolutely free.

Combat is turn-based but even though there are turns, everything is happening in real-time which makes for some hectic gameplay, especially with all the spells and attacks going off while you try to out maneuver and attack your opponent. For those of you not into the multiplayer scene, there is a big single-player campaign you can play through instead. However, if you’re up for the multiplayer gameplay, you’ll be happy to know the matches are put together by skill rating. This way low skill rated people won’t end up fighting high skill rated people.

 For those of you who have been waiting for this game since we last reported on it, you can now download Champs: Battlegrounds off of Google Play for free. You can also see the game in action in the video above. Quick note: This game isn’t compatible with all Android devices. Mostly tablets and new larger phones it seems.

Google Play Link: Champs: Battlegrounds

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