Random sale by EA puts Mass Effect Infiltrator and NBA Jam on sale for $0.99

Well here is something completely random for you this Tuesday afternoon but in a good way. EA has decided to randomly put two of their rather popular games on sale for $0.99 which is over 80% off of their regular prices. The two games happen to be Mass Effect Infiltrator and NBA Jam.

This is a pretty impressive deal considering to buy both at their regular price you set you about around $12 bucks. If you are a Mass Effect fan and haven’t pick up Mass Effect Infiltrator yet, now is definitely an excellent time to do so. While you’re at it, you might as well grab NBA Jam which used to be a great game to play back in the arcade days. No word on how long this sale will last so best to take advantage of it sooner than later.

Website Referenced: Android Police

Google Play Links: NBA Jam (North America) | NBA Jam (International) | Mass Effect Infiltrator (N.A.) | Mass Effect Infiltrator (International)

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