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PikPok’s Rival Stars Basketball Bounces into the Play Store – Review

PikPok has created some solid game titles during their tenure in the game industry thus far. The games they create are well designed and generally quite fun to play. If you have been gaming for any amount of time, I am sure you have played Flick Kick Football, Flick Kick Rugby, Giant Boulder of Death, Into the Dead, Slam Dunk King or Super Monsters Ate My Condo! This time around, PikPok has chosen to revisit the sport of basketball with their latest game, Rival Stars Basketball.


NBA 2K13 Review – A fully simulated basketball game that ends up disappointing

2K Games are renowned for their sports simulation games, including the NBA 2K series on PCs and consoles. Last week, many Android gamers (including me) were caught off-guard when 2K Games decided to unleash a mobile version of their latest title, NBA 2K13, on Android. Coming from such illustrious developers, is the mobile version of the latest addition to their basketball franchise worth buying?