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Razer Kishi is an Upcoming Switch-like Mobile Controller

Razer and Gamevice have teamed up to create a brand new mobile controller that seems to have been inspired by Nintendo’s Switch.

The Razer Kishi, which is its full name, supports devices across iOS and Android, and features a range of buttons including A, X, Y, B, two joysticks, bumpers, triggers, a home button, arrow buttons, a dpad, and L3 and R3.

Razer Kishi Draws Inspiration From Nintendo Switch, Gamevice, and Junglecat Controllers

It connects to your phone much like the Gamevice or Junglecat controllers currently available. Rather than break the mould, it seems to simply refine and polish the attachable controllers that came before it.

We don’t know exactly when the Razer Kishi will launch, but we’d expect to see more of it later this year. You should follow Razer on Twitter to stay updated.

We’ll, of course, keep you posted here on Droid Gamers too.

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