Reviews on Google Play will now display your Google+ profile

Good news for Android developers this morning who are a bit sick of facing the trolls on the Google Play store who leaving rather harsh comments in the reviews section of any given listing on Google Play. It was mentioned that this would be arriving and it is now here where should you leave a review on the Google Play store, it will post your name that you use on your Google+ account along with your profile picture. This is a mandatory new Google+ integration and should you not have a Google+ account, you won’t be able to leave comments and reviews.

While this will only lessen the amount of trolling in the user reviews section on the Google Play store, at least the trolls who tend to be jackasses on there will finally start thinking twice before leaving some moronic comment. This doesn’t means you can’t leave a criticism about an app or game, it just means if you want to be a total douche about it, everyone will know who you are. As a former developer myself, I wish this feature was implemented long ago but then again Google+ wasn’t around at that time.

Right now comments that already exist on Google Play will feature “A Google User” for the name that goes along with it. All future comments starting today will be tied to your Google+ account. There will always be trolls out there, but now there should be a less of them on Google Play.

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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