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Roots of Tomorrow is an educational farming sim out now on mobile

Have you ever wanted to learn about agriculture while performing virtual agriculture? Well, lucky you, indie developer Gamabilis has crafted just the thing with Roots of Tomorrow! Everything is just coming up you today! 

Learn and Farm in Roots of Tomorrow

Set across multiple farms in different regions of France, Roots of Tomorrow aims to  teach players about agriculture in a variety of fun ways. A turn-based affair, you’ll learn how to create viable farms over the course of an in-game decade. 

In order to create the best farm possible, you’ll have to balance a number of key factors. Each farm will need to pass economic, environmental and social scores criteria by the end of their allotted time frames. 

The game aims to teach you everything about farms, down to specific methods of planting. For example, advanced techniques like direct seeding, precision agriculture and more are all explained through gameplay. 

It’s not all about just planting seeds though, oh no, no. In fact, you’ll have to manage staff to do all that kinda stuff for you, like the best management games! No need to get your hands dirty when virtual people can do it for you! 

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Farming for free

At the time of writing, Roots of Tomorrow is a free farming game on mobile. However, it is a typical free to play experience. This means that you’ll be asked to spend money on additional items across the course of play. However, you’ll never be asked to spend in order to proceed. 

If you’re looking for a fun, educational experience on mobile, this is it. Give it a download right here, and then tell us what you think! Sure, we may not be very good at farming games in general, but we’re here if you want to talk. 

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