Runes MMORPG updated to final beta

Well it seems as though progress on the large scale MMORPG by Tiki Move and Faeria Studios called Runes is running full speed ahead these days. Announced a few days ago was another large update to the entire game with a slew of features we will list shortly. This update marks one of the final steps before the final version of Runes is ready.

The list of changes is pretty impressive but one of the most interesting items from the update is….Android Tablet support. Yeah that’s right, Runes will fully support Android tablet gameplay meaning that it looks good on your phone, it’ll look great on your tablet. This is actually one of the first times Tablet support has been announced by a game developer from what I’ve seen. That’s not to say others aren’t doing it as we have already seen a video of Dungeon Defenders being tested on a Tegra 2 Android device.

Here is the extensive list of updates and new features from this update taken directly from the official site:

Factions & Quests:

You now have access to your Faction screen where you can find useful information, but especially: Quests!

These quests are challenges to meet. If you succeed, not only you get a large reward, but also you advance in rank in your Faction. Each time you reach a new rank, a Rune will be learned!

If your faction does not suit you, you can leave it and choose another one. This way, you can discover the Dissidence, a faction resurging from the past…


• Age of your character

• Date of death

• Mechanics of aging and wander in limbo

• Heir / Apprentice


• Bug fixes

• New reward: gems

• Content modifications and introduction Dungeon


• Rename Character

• Exclusive Dungeons (until completion)

• Changing the skin of your character

• Different sizes of backpack now available

• Various Blessings

• Mercenaries (for dungeons only)


• More information and icons available

• Adaptability of interfaces at high resolutions (Thanks to Nvidia!)

• Fixed display bugs

• Visualization of the order of action during the battles

• Access to the spellbook  during the resolution phase of the battle


• Leveling system

• Gain or loss experience based on the success / failure of a quest

• Opportunity to be a free mage (without faction)

• Possibility to change faction

• Possibility to choose / drop quests

• Bug fixes


• Return of the General Channel!

It seems nVidia had a hand in this regarding the tablet support and high resolution devices. Just more evidence that Tegra 2 devices are getting closer to public consumption considering how many developers seem to have their hands on one.

If you haven’t picked up the beta for this game you can go over to the official Runes site and sign up for it. There are still spots available and anyone who has played an MMORPG before will tell you that getting into the Beta of an MMORPG helps a lot when the actual game is released, if you’re a hardcore gamer anyway.

As for a final release date? That is still up in the air but at the rate the game seems to be progressing it shouldn’t be too long now before everyone will have access to this game. My prediction: Runes will be extremely popular.

Official Website: Runes

Beta Registration: Beta Sign-up

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