Samsung Vibrant Exclusive Game

A trend is happening. This trend is about exclusive content for some phones. We’ve seen it with the EVO launch and the new Need For Speed game which, as far as I know, never actually got released. Then there was the new DiCaprio Inception Movie exclusive game for the Verizon Droid and Droid Incredible recently. Now there is another game exclusive to T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant.

Through a partnership between T-Mobile and EA Mobile, the new Sim’s 3 Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively to Samsung Vibrant owners. This is to celebrate the 10yr anniversary of The Sims and is specifically designed for the Samsung Vibrant and will come pre-loaded on the phone itself.

A quote from EA:

EA MobileTM, a division of Electronic Arts Inc., has revealed a major summer line up of titles in development for multiple mobile platforms, including iPhone® and iPod® touch, iPad®, Nintendo DSiWareTM and AndroidTM. EA Mobile’s summer releases cover a wide range of genres and are designed for a broad range of audiences including gamers, sports enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

While out of the entire 11 game lineup slated for release over the next few months by EA Mobile, only one is for Android and that is this exclusive game for the Samsung Vibrant. The rest of the games are all for the iPhone and iPad which includes the long awaited Reckless Racing which, as of right now, still has no Android release date.

The Sims may not be the most exciting title to look forward to but fans of the Sims games will be happy, as long as they are buying a Samsung Vibrant, otherwise you’ll just have to wait for a new version of Sims to hit the Android market. The street date for Sims 3 Collector’s Edition is ‘this summer’.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

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