Snowbreak: Containment Zone Reaches One Million Pre-Registrations – Sign Up For The Beta Now

The featured image for our article covering Snowbreak: Containment Zone surpassing one million pre-registrations, featuring a team of Operatives from the game standing together in a crumbling city.

Check out the official Snowbreak: Containment Zone website and you can see that one million users have signed up for the game. This giant figure highlights the hype surrounding this game, as it’s release date draws near.

Amazing Seasun, the studio developing the game, has also announced that you can sign up for the closed beta now.

Pre-Registration Rewards Up For Grabs

As the game has surpassed one million pre-registrations, there’s a variety of rewards up for grabs, including 800 DigiCash, 10,000 SilverBucks, and five Valhalla Passes.

But the pre-launch campaign doesn’t end there. There are still two more ambitious milestones to hit, including an exclusive skin at 1.5million, and a weapon at two million!

Get A Sneak Peak…

On May 8, Amazing Seasun announced on the official Snowbreak: Containment Zone Twitter that you can now sign up for the closed beta. To do so, you just have to fill out this Google Form.

The form itself asks a variety of questions, from gauging where in the world you’re gaming from, all the way to what time you game. It’s unclear what kind of gamer the developer is seeking for the closed beta, but we’re hoping for a diverse selection.

An earlier Tweet revealed that the Android beta testing period will begin on May 31, and run through to June 14. Good luck on becoming a tester!

Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is an upcoming third-person shooter RPG that features an intricate story, and a bunch of characters to collect. You play as Heimdall Force, a team of highly skilled Operatives, as you attempt to push back an alien attack on the city.

Each Operative is different, as they have a range of weapons and abilities unique to them. Find out what your fighting style is by testing weapon classes, such as shotguns and sniper rifles, as you fight your way through the expansive campaign!

You can pre-register for Snowbreak: Containment Zone on the game’s official website now.

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