Sprinkle now available for Tegra 2 Android devices. Kal-el version already in the works.

Sprinkle is a new game coming to Android Tegra 2 devices today that we have been playing for a little over a week now here at DroidGamers. It’s a great little physics puzzle game where you control a crane with a powerful hose attached to it that you will use to solve each level in the game.

You can control the height of the hose and the angle it shoots at with just touching and dragging it in the direction you want to adjust it to. With that you can move objects, turn gears and do various other actions in order to put out the fires as quickly as possible in each level. The goal, however, isn’t how fast you put out the fires really but how little water you use. Each level comes with a 5 star rating, with 5 stars being the best.


  • Great Graphics
  • Amazing water physics
  • Brain-teasing puzzles
  • Plenty of objects to interact with to help solve each stage
  • 46 levels



If you’ve played Riptide GP then you know what sort of physics can be done with water on an Android Tegra 2 device. In Sprinkle, while the water looks good, the physics are down right impressive and mimic real water almost exactly like it would move. The early stages are pretty easy but after about ten or so levels the difficulty really starts to ramp up as more objects and complicated puzzles start to show up forcing you to use more water.

If you are looking for a very addictive new puzzle game for your Android Tegra 2 device, check out Sprinkle by Mediocre. It’s available for download through Tegra Zone or the Android Market for $1.99. Expect a full review of Sprinkle very soon.

Tip: If you want to unlock all 46 levels right away in Sprinkle, just tap the main screen of the game with all five fingers.

But that’s not all! The developers have also stated that they are currently working on a version of the game for future Kal-El Android devices (quad-core for those not familiar with the term Kal-El). This means we already know of three games that will be available for Kal-El devices: Pinball, Shadowgun and now Sprinkle.

Thanks to all who sent the tips in that this was out last night. We couldn’t report on it until this morning because of an embargo.

Developer Website: Mediocre

Android Market Link: Sprinkle

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