Square Enix releases Demon’s Score THD, making today a triple release day

A third game has appeared on the Google Play store and it appears Square Enix has done a triple release this morning. Aside from Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Dimensions being released this morning, their Unreal Engine built rhythm-based game Demon’s Score THD is also available but for Tegra 3 based Android devices.

This is a game we have been talking about almost as long as Final Fantasy Dimensions. For those of you who missed our previous coverage about this game, Demon’s Score is a rhythm-based action game built using the Unreal Engine. Essentially your attacks and what not while in combat are done by using music gaming mechanics.

Demon’s Score Features:

• Break beat action in which you battle demons in time to the rhythm.
• Stunning graphics driven by the Unreal Engine.
• Thrilling battle scenes and a story that sucks you in.
• Fierce battles with boss demons, all portrayed using dramatic camerawork.
• Once you complete a stage in Story mode, you can purchase the powers of boss demons that you defeated.
• You can change the demon powers Serenity controls by having different demons possess her.
• Having different demons possess Serenity expands gameplay and battle scenes.
• Serenity’s costumes change according to the demon that is possessing her.
• Abilities, voices, and special attacks vary by the possessing demon.
• Helpful items are also available in case you get stuck.

This Tegra 3 version of the game features a plethora more eye candy and effects than other versions on other platforms. According to Square Enix, this version also has twice the resolution of other versions which makes for higher-quality and sharper graphics. Even though this is a rhythm-base game, it is actually quite creepy at times.

If you’re ready to have your entire weekend taken up by Square Enix titles, then head on over to the Google Play store and grab a copy of Demon’s Score THD for your Tegra 3 Android device. It’ll set you back a mere $19.99 to download this game.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us off!

Google Play Link: Demon’s Score THD

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