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Are Crunchyroll Adding Another Limited Character To Street Fighter Duel?

The featured image for our Street Fighter Duel Akuma article, featuring the character facing the camera with their arms folded. Akuma stands in a magenta environment.

Street Fighter Duel is just around the corner from adding Akuma, the fan favourite raging demon, to the game. However, the fanbase fears that the studio is going to lock the character behind a paywall. This concern mainly stems from the recent Monster Hunter collaboration, where the studio treated a character in a similar fashion.

The game’s official Twitter page has been teasing the upcoming character for days, but one screenshot might just confirm everyone’s greatest fears…

Analysing The Evidence

The Tweet in question shows a screenshot of the event page. The fact that Akuma’s addition is part of an event, rather than a fixed character, already leans into the theory that the game is adding another limited character. What backs this up even more, however, is the Tweet’s caption.

The caption encourages players to play the game everyday so that they can claim currency. In full, it reads “Make sure to log in every day to collect your Limited Recruit Tickets, World Warriors!”

While the Tweet reads “limited”, we must emphasise that this is still speculation on our part. After some digging, we couldn’t find any confirmation from the developer if Akuma will be a limited character or not.

Fan Reaction

Underneath the Tweet, we were able to gauge the fan reaction. We were expecting to see a mix of positive and pessimistic responses – those excited for their favourite character to be in Street Fighter Duel, and those fearful of a paywall of some kind. However, the comments were dominated by the latter.

One user, @IssacDebebe, writes “If you make one of the main faces of Street Fighter Akuma an Exclusive Fighter like MH Ken, then this game is done for.”

Another user, @PeteLevithan, expresses their concerns in a lengthy statement, “If you do Akuma like GM Ken, not only will I & every player I know leave, but I will actively campaign for your end. Go ahead, disregard what some anon player says & watch…”

Street Fighter Duel

In Street Fighter Duel, you play through an original story that expands upon the Street Fighter mythos. Throughout the campaign, you collect a range of your favourite Street Fighter characters, as well as build-up, and upgrade your team of fighters.

You can download Street Fighter Duel on Google Play.

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