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Super Mario Odyssey Android Gameplay On RedMagic 7S Pro Looks Gorgeous

Feature image for our Super Mario Odyssey Android news piece. It shows a screenshot from Super Mario Odyssey with Mario running away from Luigi in New Donk City.

A Redditor has uploaded footage of Super Mario Odyssey Android gameplay running absolutely flawlessly. The post contains a thirty-second clip demonstrating Mario running around New Donk City, and doesn’t spare the details as far as showing us movement and animations. Mario is busting his best moves in the crowded scene, but the frame rate rarely drops below 60FPS.

It’s not the first time we’ve covered Super Mario Odyssey Android emulation, though the last time we saw it, it wasn’t looking quite so great. Texture issues were a huge problem and it was practically unplayable.

Just Like Magic

The Nubia RedMagic 7S Pro is the hardware behind this video. We’ve talked a bit about the RedMagic series before and our high hopes for the newest model. The high-spec gaming phones bring some pretty serious hardware, so they’re better equipped than most for graphically intensive stuff.

The user didn’t detail the emulator used for this feat, though a quick glance at the UI suggests that this is the work of Skyline, an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator for Android devices.

It’s possible, even likely that this is Skyline Edge, the early build sibling of Skyline, which contains the latest updates and is available to those who pledge at least £5/$5 to the Skyline team’s Patreon. The implementation of Skyline Edge in this way has been controversial at times, though the results are hard to argue about.

A Super Pretty Mario

If you’ve never played it, time to fill you in. Super Mario Odyssey got its initial release in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a 3D platformer, and, as you might guess from the footage, it’s extremely good-looking. Obviously, this is great, but modern graphics present more challenges for emulators.

Anyone who had played platformers can tell you that timing is a huge deal. Frame drops that might be something you could overlook in some genres could quickly make Super Mario Odyssey Android emulation totally unplayable.

Fortunately, this might not be a problem, provided that you’ve got some pretty powerful hardware behind you.

Want to see some more of what the Skyline community is getting up to? We’ve also got coverage of some of the games Skyline Edge users have been able to get running, including Skyrim Android gameplay.

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