T-Racer HD, the racing game you’ll want on your Tegra 2 Android device

T-Racer HD, developed by Thumbstar Games, is a racing game that plans to throw as much eye candy at you as possible while you race against your opponents. Developed to take advantage of the Tegra 2 chipset, T-Racer brings a health dose of sci-fi racing onto your dual-core Android device, and you’ll be happy it does.

You’ll have different crafts to select from, each featuring their own stats and abilities to help you along. You’ll be equipped with rockets and mines to further help you reach 1st place. While not completely track-based, it will feature arenas where you can challenge opponents as well in straight up combat. All of this comes nicely wrapped in some serious 3D graphics.


  • Console quality visuals
  • Fast gameplay speed
  • Different crafts to choose, each with their own stats and abilities
  • Pick rockets and mines to blast at opponents
  • Battle Arena mode



By now, if you have a Tegra 2 Android device, you are probably already searching through the Tegra Zone app or the Android Market to grab it (if you haven’t noticed it sitting there quietly already on the Tegra Zone app). Unfortunately, it isn’t available just yet. However, it is slated to be released this month (April) so you won’t have to wait long. No word just yet on pricing.

Developer Website: Thumbstar Games

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