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Table Top Racing: World Tour is Now Available on Android

Table Top Racing: World Tour, the premium casual-friendly racer that prides itself on having no loot boxes, IAPs, or adverts, is now available on Android.

It costs around $5 and works across Android and Android TV. You’ll race as one of 16 different miniature racing cars as you speed across kitchen benches, toy racetracks, and more.

Table Top Racing: World Tour Features No IAPs, Ads, or Loot Boxes

There are over 30 different race tracks to explore in over 180 different events. That’s just single player as well, as there are online modes to compete in too.

Much like in Mario Kart, you can pick up a bunch of different power ups and weapons to use against your opponents. We’d thoroughly recommend doing this to give yourself an advantage.

So head on over to Google Play and grab this awesome racing game right now. It should provide hours of fun, both offline and online.

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