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Testers Needed For The Dolphin Android Beta Program

Feature image for our news piece on the Dolphin emulator beta test for Android. It shows a screenshot from Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, played on the emulator.

If you’re an Android user, an emulator fan, a Wii or Gamecube enthusiast, and want to play on the cutting edge of software, then the makers of Dolphin have an offer you might find interesting. A beta program for the Dolphin emulator has opened up via Google Play.

You can sign up as a tester with your Google account and have access to the otherwise-unreleased early builds of the emulator. In exchange, you’ll share some usage data with the developers via the app.

If it sounds of interest to you, you can sign up here, and opt-out at any point to return to the public build.

Dolphin Emulator Is Still Making A Splash

Dolphin is an open-source emulator for GameCube and Wii games. It’s available on a variety of devices aside from Android, with MacOS and PC also catered for. It is the result of the combined efforts of over 200 people, and they keep it available for free.

Emulators work by letting you play files ‘dumped’ from your own game disks. In Dolphin’s case, it can run GCM, ISO, GCZ, CISO, and WBFS files.

Emulate Responsibly

The Dolphin team seems quite adamant that it only intends you to use the emulator to play games you’ve ripped yourself, so it’s time to start dusting off those old game disks and learning the ins and outs of console exploits if you’re planning to take up emulation as a hobby.

Got questions? Stuck? If there are any burning concerns you’d like to ask some Dolphin devs about, the site has an official wiki to check, and an Android section in the forums where you can get some help.

Conversely, does all this emulation sound a bit intimidating? Well, we’ve got stuff you can play with minimal tech know-how in our Best new Android games this week feature. No file dumping required!

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