TGS 2011: Square Enix announces Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest Monsters, Ithadaki Street for Android

Well if you didn’t have a nerdgasm yesterday over the news of Final Fantasy: Legends coming to Android devices next year then perhaps this article will do the trick instead. Square Enix at the Tokyo Game Show has been dropping names like crazy and three more have come to light that will be coming to Android.

First up we have Chrono Trigger which, if you are an RPG fan, is more great news for you. Chrono Trigger originally dropped onto the scene back in 1995 on the SNES console and became pretty popular with the RPG crowd. This turn-based RPG title has you playing as Chrono and his buddies wind up in a post-apocalyptic¬†future and discover a recording of the world’s destruction by an alien monstrosity, then travel through time to prevent this ruined future. (Thanks to Joshua for the correction) Just like the original as well, different endings can be unlocked depending on the time you face-off with the end boss.

Next on the list is Dragon Quest Monsters which is a Pokemon-style game where you play as Terry who is trying to save his sister. As in true Pokemon style, you journey throughout the lands collecting monsters, battling with and against them, leveling them up, teaching them skill, breeding new and more powerful monsters and occasionally giving them a treat as well.


Finally there is Ithadaki Street which is a monopoly type of game where you will be buying up property and making other players pay for landing on it. While in Monopoly you have to bankrupt everyone before you can win, in Ithadaki Street you just have to get to the bank with enough stocks, property value and gold to meet the game’s requirements in order for you to win.

On a final note there is some great news for all our readers who live in Japan (and not so good news for us here in the US and Europe), Square Enix has announced that it will be launching it’s own Android Marketplace in Japan on NTT Docomo, NDDI, and Softbank. This will be happening later this year and will come stock with some awesome titles for you to play including Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Crystal Defenders. No word yet if they will push this to any other locations outside of Japan for right now.

No word on an exact release date for all three games or pricing has been revealed either.

Website Referenced: NeoGaf via PocketGamer

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