This week in crowdfunding: More Android games popping up for funding

We posted last week a short list of some of the games we found on the more major crowdfunding sites out there on the interwebs and the response was pretty good. So we will be doing a weekly round-up of new titles available that need funding while keeping an eye on the ones we’ve already mentioned.

So far this week we already reported on one title called ROBOTA: Vengeance which is being developed by Academy Award winner Doug Chiang which will be an Infinite Blade style game but with robots, dinosaurs and a pretty bad ass storyline as well. With a goal of $100,000 in funding and 20 days to go, SiXiTS Studios has already raised $16,000+ of the needed funding. You can check out the Kickstarter page for more info.

Spark Plug Games has also thrown up their upcoming game Steampunk Bullet Train for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. This is their first attempt at getting crowdfunded and their game looks pretty promising. In this particular game you will be playing as a would-be smuggler and transporter trying to get around the overpriced and tight controlling Air Guard. This game will be for Android and iOS devices as well as PC. They have 12 days to go to make their $25,000 goal and are sitting at $971 so far.

Other Kickstarter projects for Android Games you might be interested in:

Kymera Keeper by Red Seraphim: This is a Pokemon-style battle type of game with RPG elements. Goal of $7,500 with 7 days to go, currently at $408.

Conquest by Blackwell Hird: A hot seat multiplayer turn-based strategy board game for tablets. Goal of $41,000 with 44 days to go, currently at $595.

IndieGoGo seems to have picked up steam as well with quite a few new additions that are Android games looking for crowdfunding. In fact there are quite a few titles on IndieGoGo right now but here are a couple that caught our eye.

Martial Arts: Capoeira by Twelve Games is actually already a PC game that the developers want to now bring over to Android and iOS devices. This particular title is a 3D head-to-head brawler in the same category of gaming where other titles reside such as Virtual Fighter or Street Fighter. Twelve Games have actually produced titles for just about every major console as well in the past year so they are definitely well versed in the game development scene. Their goal is $20,000 and the project on IndieGoGo literally just started so there are 60 days left.

Not Without You by Bad Pilcrow is a rather unique puzzle game that features these little cute blue creatures you have to move around each stage to get them to the red platform. Once all are on the rad platforms you move on to the next stage. As you will see in the video below, this is a lot easier said then done as each one likes to move at the same time as the other blue creatures. The IndieGoGo project has a goal for this game is $2,300 with 71 days left. Currently funding sits at $453.

Other IndieGoGo Android Game projects you might be interested in:

Uplift by Starchaser Studios: A 3D flying game. The goal is $2,900 with 45 days left. Currently sitting at $45.

Battle Planes by Derek Gu: Basically Battleships but with planes. The goal is $6,000 with 101 days left. Currently sitting at $200.

Appbackr has some new applications for Android that are looking for funding but since they are not games, we are not posting about them but feel free to check them out. 8-bit Funding has no new Android game funding projects right now.

This is a shot list of new games looking for funding but there are more out there that we didn’t list. This does not mean they are not any good because we didn’t list them here, we just like to keep things short and sweet sometimes but definitely check out each site for all the games and applications available for funding.

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