Two upcoming Square Enix titles now confirmed to be Japan only releases

Square Enix has announced their game line-up that will be on display during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2012 and two of the games are Android titles, one of which we new about while the other one is a new game we were unaware of. Unfortunately it looks like both games will be released onto Android but location restricted to Japan only, at least for right now when they are initially released.

While we didn’t know about one of the games, called OTOME-BREAK, it really doesn’t affect us with it being location restricted simply because up until now we didn’t even know it existed. Still, it is a bit of a shame that it will be Japan only.

However, the second game is one that was supposed to eventually make it to Android games outside of Japan but it looks like that has, at least temporarily, been changed to a Japan only release as well. This game is Demon’s Score, the music-based action game we’ve talked about in the past. Apparently the release has been switched to strictly a Japan launch. Considering that the Tokyo Game Show is later in the year, chances are that we won’t see this game get a worldwide release this year. Next year could be a different story.

Overall not a huge loss, especially since reactions to Demon’s Score were sort of mixed about whether it would be a good game or not. As one person on YouTube so eloquently put it, Demon’s Score is basically ‘Guitar Hero with tits’. Let’s just hope this trend doesn’t continue with other Square Enix titles slated for release this year.

Website Referenced: Destructiod

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