Vendetta Online featured in Motorola XOOM commercial by Verizon

One game we were lucky enough to get a hands-on with during CES 2011 was Vendetta Online which looks absolutely amazing. Vendetta Online for Android is a port of the very popular space action-MMORPG game of the same name. We are still lucky to be one of the few to ever see this game in action on a tablet in person.

However, aside from our gameplay videos we shot, you can now get a look at Vendetta Online playing on the Motorola XOOM thanks to a new Verizon TV spot featuring this great 3D space action-MMORPG. If you haven’t played the online version of Vendetta Online, it is similar to Eve Online if you want to make any sort of comparison.

So what will you need to have to play this game? An Android Tegra 2 device, and almost definitely will have to be a tablet due to the interface/controls. We are sure some people with Tegra 2 phones will be playing this but you’ll benefit greatly by playing this awesome game on a Tegra 2 tablet. Currently Vendetta Online for Android is still getting polished up for prime time so until then you can check out our hands-on videos from CES 2011 and this great XOOM commercial from Verizon.

Developer Website: Guild Software

Official Game Website: Vendetta Online

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