World of Tanks MMORTS Assistant app for Android coming soon

World of Tanks MMORTS players now have some extra on-the-go tools to play around with when you are cruising around in your tank laying waste to other players in the game. This ‘Assistant’ app, or companion app as we like to call them, will let you access a few things when not sitting at your computer.

The application doesn’t stray too far from the successful format of other companion apps for other MMO games. You will be able to access player stats, global rankings, news and social functions, and tracking personal stats such including in-game progress and balance. In fact here is the official features list for this app:

– Access detailed statistics on the number of your battles and place in Global Rating
– Get results on the battles with tanks from your garage
– View your current game balance
– Compare your progress with opponents results
– Keep an eye on the headway of your favorite players
– Share triumph with your friends via E-mail and social networks
– Follow the project latest news.

So if you play World of Tanks you have one more utility to look forward to mucking around with. You can grab the new application off of the Android Market for free if you speak Russian, otherwise you will have to wait for the English version to be released for US and EU servers which is reported to be coming shortly.

Website Referenced: GamesRadar

Android Market Link: World Of Tanks Assistant (Russian)

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