XBMC application now available for download on Ouya’s marketplace

We’ve talked about the open source media player XBMC and that it would be making its way to the Android-powered game console Ouya at some point when a stable version of the application actually exists. Well it seems that a stable version has finally been compiled and the XBMC media player is now officially available for download through Ouya’s marketplace.

The timing for this stable release onto Ouya is quite good considering XBMC will be coming pre-installed onto PlayJam’s GameStick which will be shipping out to customers shortly this month if they haven’t already. For those of you not familiar with XBMC, this application is an open source media player / media sharing program that was originally going to be for the Xbox but ended up going open source where it has evolved into what it is now.

XBMC will also allow users to access video streaming websites so they can watch movies and TV Shows. It is actually quite a handy little program to have. We’ve included the full press release below, not because there is a whole lot of additional details in it, but because it is actually quite an entertaining read. We’ve never heard of a media player that has changed peoples lives before. That’s pretty damn impressive.

If you want to read detailed instructions on setting up and configuring XBMC for Ouya, there is a step-by-step walktrough available here.

Official Website: XBMC

XBMC App for OUYA Released to Discover Store
Popular Media Player Now Easily Installable to the Open Source Android-Powered Gaming Console Popularized by Kickstarter

Users of the OUYA gaming console can now rejoice that a stable version of XBMC has finally been made available from within the OUYA Discover Store. It will mean easier installation for many who purchased the device to be used exclusively with the XBMC media player application. The software can now be installed by the end user in less than five minutes with absolutely no technical knowledge necessary.

This open source Android-powered gaming console is currently seen to be the future flagship hardware device for running XBMC, due to it’s phenomenal hardware specifications compared to any gaming device or set top television box of it’s kind. It has no problem playing high definition video, where other Android television type devices have failed miserably.

It’s quite common for XBMC users to report that after several months of use they feel that it has changed their lives. Not simply a media player, it allows you to access online streaming web sites (sometimes piracy but the content is out of the addon developer’s control) by reformatting the web site navigation into a sort of video on demand style menu, making it the perfect entertainment solution. It basically gives the user free access to every movie or television show ever made, live sports, international channels, and more. This primary functionality has not been commonly publicized in the past.

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