Xperia Play game pricing: Gameloft, Dungeon Defenders and Galaxy of Fire 2

Awhile ago we reported on the rumor that games for the Xperia Play would be priced at the $10 or lower mark and recent news seems to be supporting this fact. Galaxy of Fire 2 is slated for release on the Xperia Play at launch and will be priced at $9.99. Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave will also be ‘under $10’.

We are not sure what the price will be for Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave but Trendy Entertainment has been pretty good at keeping the price of their games reasonable for everyone.

Gameloft also commented on what their games will cost for the Xperia Play citing that “because it’s a quality increase, we will adapt the pricing of course to suit the market, but we’d expect it to be above Java”. Considering normal HD games for Android from Gameloft cost $4.99, Xperia Play versions of their games will probably end up being sub-$10 as well.

Sony Entertainment has yet to confirm pricing on their titles for the Xperia Play.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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