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Yesterday we posted a rather large article about Dungeon Defenders which is being built using the Unreal Engine and is making its way to Android in the near future. Lots of you had questions regarding graphic quality, what version of Android it’ll run on, pricing and when it is slated to be released. Well we went right to the source to find out the answers!

Firing off an email to Trendy Entertainment put me in touch with Jeremy Stieglitz, Development Director for Trendy Entertainment. He was kind enough to take a few moments to answer a few questions we all have regarding this awesome looking game.

When asked about the graphic quality that we could expect in the Android version, Jeremy told me that all the core art and game assets for the PC/console versions were also being used for the mobile version. While not identical in quality it was very close with only minor changes that occurs in post-processing.


Right now Dungeon Defenders is running on Android 2.2 however, Trendy Entertainment may upgrade that to Android 3.0 minimum depending on what the SDK features that they might want to use. Also it depends if the SDK is even available before release time. This brings me to my next question that I asked which was when could we expect to have the game available. The answer was quite surprising in that it was a lot closer then I thought it would be: Mid-December.

“Currently we’re running DunDef on Android 2.2, but we may upgrade to 3.0 when the SDK is released. We just need to see what it offers to our game to determine if that’s worthwhile (currently 2.2 has a pretty limited sound playback system, so if we could do more with 3D sounds on 3.0, then it’d be worth it). We’ll just have to see if Google gets it out before the game ships!” – Jeremy Stieglitz, Development Director, Trendy Entertainment

Excited yet? Well even better news. Remember I said it’ll probably be around the $10 price range which I based off of the current PC/console version pricing. Well it’ll actually be less then that… about half as much. Jeremy told me that it should be under $5 for the Android version.

Personally I had a question regarding whether or not multiplayer would be brought over to the Android version. The reason for this is a lot of the draw for the game is the ability to team up with 3 other people (not including yourself) as well as being able to trade items. Well great news there too! Multiplayer will be supported both using online and also you can run a LAN multiplayer game.

In what even might be a first for mobile gaming with this type of game, or at least Android depending on how quickly this is released, multiplayer will be cross-platform compatible with the PC version of Dungeon Defenders as well. So you’ll be able to play with your friends even if they don’t have an Android phone.

Remember the title of our last article about Dungeon Defenders yesterday? Yeah…begin drooling. While you are drooling you can take a look at our previous article for a slew of screenshots and a trailer video, check them out!

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

Official Game Site: Dungeon Defenders

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