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Abduction! 2 by Psym Mobile Review

Any iPhone user should have heard of Doodle Jump, and now every Android user should hear of the name Abduction! 2. This new game by Psym Mobile offers the same simplistic joy of jumping as high as you can, and also throws in a storyline (more of a objective type system) where you can save your cute animal friends and get to the goal in record time.

Game play: The game starts off at a “Profiles” screen, which you then make your profile with the username you choose. Next you have the option to go to the shop, customize your character, change some options, or choose a new profile. If you choose “Start Game” you are taken to a new screen with four different game types which are all explained when you choose them. After playing the game and beating levels and collecting coins, you can then go to the shop and purchase accessories, new characters, and extras.

You can unlock new things to buy by playing through adventure mode. After you buy some new characters and accessories you can then customize your character by selecting the customize option at the main screen, amazing how those things work like that. The game has some very simple rules, jump on the platforms, save your animal friends that are locked up in cages, don’t fall down to far to fast, don’t touch spikes, and get to the goal. The faster you get to the goal the better chance you have at getting gold. You can redo levels to try and get a better time or save more animals, but I always have this little pang of guilt when I let an animal go by without saving it because its so cute.


  • 4 Game modes: Quick Game, Adventure, Classic, Kids
  • Shop option
  • Customizing option
  • Multiple Profile
  • Lot of stuff to unlock
  • Great smooth graphics and lots of sounds/music
  • Over 120 Levels
  • Apps2SD Support


Graphics: The graphics in this game are extremely well done, and fit the type of game it is. There is no lag in this game while you are playing, and the game smoothly scrolls up as you jump up the platforms to get to your goal. There are levels throughout the game that have more screen effects like when your underwater the ocean is swaying back and forth, and when you are in the far north there is snow falling to try to hinder you, and even though these are going on the game still runs extremely smooth. I have only had the pleasure of enjoying the 8-bit extra so far, but I plan on enjoying the other extras as well and watching how smoothly the graphics go.

Sound: Sound is a major part in this game. The music is always playing and it is very happy and fun catchy music that will get stuck in your head, but you will enjoy it when its there. There are a few different songs that play and they change every few levels, but they are so similar that you don’t even notice until the song is a good way through. There is an option to turn the music and sound effects off, but I don’t think I will ever touch those buttons.

Controls: The controls are extremely simple, tilt your phone left to go left and tilt your phone right to go right. If you are on the right side of the screen and the only other platform is on the opposite side of the screen, you can just simply go to the right and you will pop out on the other side, and this works both ways. These controls are very easy to pick up, but with the levels that have been designed they become hard to master.

Overall: This game is waaaaay better than doodle jump in my personal opinion. This game has so many different levels that will keep you entertained for hours on end, I’ve spent around 10 hours playing this game so far and I have almost hit 50%, just in adventure mode. Another thing that is great about this game is the ability to change your character and give it accessories, and you can choose the size and placement of your accessory.Now that the game is available on the Android market for UK£1.95 (roughly $3.00USD), I suggest getting it right away.

Game play: 5/5
Graphics: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Controls: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Developer Website: Psym Mobile

Direct Market Link: Abduction! 2

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