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Another Eden Review – More Than a Pretty Face

Another Eden is a JRPG which oozes quality. Whether you are a fan of the art style, the dialogue or the quirky music, it’s obvious this was not a rushed project.

With that being said, it’s easy for a game to ruin all the qualities mentioned above by relying on Gacha. The best way I can describe Gacha, is a system that requires blind luck in order for the player to get what they want.

Is Another Eden full of Gacha?

I can confirm that there is a summoning system, which requires blind luck for you to get the characters you need. But I don’t think this will ruin the experience.

I can safely say that the Gacha system does not ruin the overall game because Another Eden describes itself as story-driven. The game can’t be driven by the story if you need blind luck to progress.

Yes, there are areas or bosses that even your best four-star team will struggle with, but I feel like that is the point.

To talk only about one aspect of Another Eden does not do the game justice. The story is what separates this JRPG from the crowd. Okay, it may use a Gacha system like many others, but this system is way more generous than others. It toes the line with being free to play, but you can spend if you want to.

Enough about Gacha, tell me about the game!

I couldn’t be happier to do so! It takes a lot for a mobile game to entice me and make me keep playing for hours on end, but Another Eden does it wonderfully.

The story is not a complicated one, so you don’t need to read every single bit of dialogue. However, if you read or talk to random NPCs, you are often rewarded with some humorous lines here and there.

Besides mentioning the engaging story there is also beautiful graphics, gripping soundtrack and intuitive touch controls. A lot of RPGs are fiddly or annoying to use for long periods of time, but Another Eden has a natural feel.

The main story is well told and delivered at a good pace. You play as Aldo, a village guard whose sister has been kidnapped by the king of beasts. It’s up to you to recruit a band of able fighters and take down the Beast King before he destroys the world.

Do I recommend this game?

Absolutely. I have several reasons why I think this game is worth your time, but what have you got to lose? A lot of RPGs are full of Gacha and PvP which dilutes the point of playing a game. If there are units you can spawn that are stronger than everyone else’s, then what’s the point of even playing?

Another Eden sidesteps all this stale nonsense and gives you a story. Not just a grind to aimlessly spend towards, but an actual point to sitting down and playing. If you are looking for PvP stuff, then do not get this game. There are plenty of RPGs out there that fit your needs, I am glad I have found one that fits mine.

You can make your own decisions about whether you love Gacha or stale PvP combat. But, I still recommend giving Another Eden a download, just because there is something about it I find hard to put down.

A brilliant reminder that RPGs are fun

I have played a lot of RPGs recently and they all end up being a mad grind to get the best characters. Another Eden does have some good characters that are hard to get, but you can love the game without any of them.

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