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Play KLM’s new game Jets if you like paper airplanes. Fly on KLM in real life, earn in-game rewards.

Released by KLM , the Royal Dutch Airline, Jets is a game that is about navigating a brightly colored paper airplane, in an endless runner style. The various levels of this endless flyer are set in Amsterdam, with players guiding their paper airplane over the various canals and through the older sections of the city, while avoiding various large forms of transportation, such as cars, boats, and trams.


Z End: World War is an online FPS survival game that has just entered beta

Moarbile Games has released a new online FPS survival game called Z End: World War onto Google Play in a shiny new beta form. As you may be guessing from the title, Z End is all about surviving the zombie apocalypse and you have a choice as to whether or not you join up with other people playing the game to try to better your odds at living longer. Of course you can always go solo as well.


Divine Space hits up Kickstarter, hoping to bring an EVE style game to Android

A new Kickstarter has launched for a game called Divine Space that, when complete, will be made available for a variety of platforms including Android, iOS and OUYA. At first, iOS will get the initial release followed by Android, OUYA, PC, MAC, and Linux shortly after. Divine Space is an Adventure game with a bunch of action-RPG elements layered onto it. After all the platforms get this game, Divine Space will also be made into an MMO although whether this will also be available for mobile platforms remains to be seen.