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Hardware News

[Update: Pre-orders Live] Acer is trying their hand at building an Android gaming tablet

Acer has announced that they are going to try their hand at developing a gaming-centric Android tablet which will be to go along their Predator gaming PC brand. This announcement came during the company’s announcement-filled press conference today in New York. Even the design of the tablet will compliment the red and black angular design of Acer’s Predator PCs.

Game News

Gameloft giving away a few free games today if you own an Acer Iconia tablet

Gameloft has announced that they are giving a few titles away today for free but there is a catch. To get the free games you have to be an owner of an Acer Icnoia A500 or A501 tablet. For those of you who don’t know about these tablets, it’s a Tegra dual-core Honeycomb tablet from Acer who is also gearing up to release the rumored A700 and A701 Tegra 3 tablets early next year.

Hardware News

Acer announces two tablets coming in 2011

We have some pretty sweet tablets available to us now like the Galaxy Tablet and in the near future such as the Notion Ink and it seems that Acer is getting into the game too. They are releasing anything half-assed either with their upcoming 10.-inch and 7-inch tablets that they just announced today at the Acer press conference.