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Popular Online Game Kings Road from Rumble Games Now Available on Android

Rumble Entertainment, located in San Mateo, California was started in 2011, with a focus on online games. One of their most popular online games is Kings Road. You can play the game on your PC through your browser, or now, you can play it on your Android device. If you enjoy action-filled RPG games, and joining guilds to take down some enemies, Kings Road may have what you are looking for in this game.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Foursaken Media Returns to the Vividly Created World of Heroes and Castles: Heroes and Castles 2 Coming to Android Soon

Foursaken Media has released several popular games for Android. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, four brothers with a passion for gaming, have created Phantom Rift, Block Fortress, Block Fortress: Wars, Bug Heroes 2, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth, and one of my personal favorites, which was released last year, Heroes and Castles. Here is some great gaming news for you. Heroes and Castles 2 is coming to Android soon, and it looks even better and more enjoyable than its predecessor.


Indie Game: CastleGuard2

Indie game developer Dave Young just released his RPG title CastleGuard2 onto the Android market. This is a 3D RPG using the ShiVa 3D engine which continues to impress me with what developers are doing with it in regards to games for Android. I had previously thought that Dvide Arts would be the first company to release games using the ShiVa 3D engine but I was wrong.